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GoldenPalace.com buys $10,000 Titanic plate [Dec. 23rd, 2004|01:47 pm]
Jack The Pot
The online casino GoldenPalace.com purchased the alleged authentic dinner plate from the historical ship Titanic. The gambling operator, that has already bought some unusual things like the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich and the ghost cane, had to pay $10,000 for the Titanic memorabilia.

According to Biz.yahoo.com, the seller Jay Sherman, a homeless man, inherited the plate from his great aunt Eva, and sold it on eBay through intermediary DoorToDoorAuctions.com.

Eva Freada Husted was heading back to the United States after she and her husband were visiting England in 1912. She took a china plate with her as a keepsake and put it in her coat pocket. When the ship was sinking, she managed to catch up her coat on the way to the lifeboat. The ship sank in the North Atlantic in 1912 after striking an iceberg on its maiden voyage. About 15-hundred passengers and crew died.

Additionally to the Titanic plate Golden Palace.com received a letter dated February 23, 2004 and signed by Denys Rusatmov, the Marketing Director of the Pirkenhammer Porcelain Company. This document confirmes the authenticity of the plate, which was manufactured by Pirkenhammer specifically for the Titanic porcelain plate set in 1911. This item was not provided for the open market, and people could see it in the 2nd class staterooms of the Titanic only.

"We are very excited by this purchase," said GoldenPalace.com CEO Richard Rowe. "This plate truly is a piece of history, as the sinking of the Titanic is one of the most famous events of the last century. We are also very pleased that the money from this purchase will greatly help Mr. Sherman."

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