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Odds fall on naked Britney Playboy pose - Funny Gambling [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jack The Pot

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Odds fall on naked Britney Playboy pose [Feb. 3rd, 2005|05:50 pm]
Jack The Pot
With Britney Spears’ nude photos being the worst kept secret since J-Lo and Marc Anthony’s marriage, betcom.com was forced to take down the betting odds until there is a resolution.
“The photos sure seem real, and they definitely have that classy Playboy feel to them,” said Will Hawkins, props department manager for betcom.com.
“We strive to offer our customers all kinds of entertainment props to bet on in addition to our regular sports and casino games,” added Hawkins.
Betcom has many other ‘Playboy Props,’ such as: Will Janet Jackson pose nude for Playboy? and What will the Olsen twins do first, get married, give birth, or pose for Playboy?
“We have a lot of fun with these bets and so do our customers,” said Hawkins. “And as you can see, when we created these betting odds we never thought that Britney would be the winning ticket!”

(from OnlineCasinoNews.com)

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